A great engineering feat!

In 2009, at the end of our cycling tour in the Loire Valley, I realised a lifelong ambition. We had cycled many hundreds of kilometres across the centre of France, but had yet to spend time in the capital –  Paris. And one of the things I particularly wanted to do was to see the Eiffel Tower.

Under the arches

Under the arches of the Eiffel Tower

I did not want to go to the top, which was a good thing, considering the very long queues of people waiting to get into the lifts! I simply wanted to walk around the base and appreciate the size and beauty of the feature.

Farmers protest alongside tourist bus

Tourists on the bus get to see both the Eiffel Tower and the farmer’s protest!

Alongside all the tourists, and not far from the Tower, we found a large group of dairy farmers and their families who were demonstrating about something. They gave the precinct a bit of a festive air, which was nice, even though it was a protest gathering!

Many visitors to Australia make a trip to the Sydney Opera House a priority, and it is indeed a spectacular building. But when Sydney is home, one tends to take the icon for granted. So I can understand why Parisians may believe my desire to see the Eiffel Tower (very!) close up was just touristy ‘thing’. But in actual fact, I have been fascinated by the structure for decades, mostly because of the amazing skill and design that went into its construction.

I wanted to capture some ‘unusual perspectives’ showcasing this wonderful engineering. These are some of my images (unfortunately, they have lost some of their clarity in the process of being downsized for the web – I think the geometric designs have also exaggerated this problem 😦 ).

Not only big across the base, but also very tall

So incredibly tall…..and difficult to capture!

Beautiful reflections and gardens at the base

Beautiful reflections and gardens at the base

My favourite photo of the Tower

My favourite image


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