Autumn reflections – all mine!

Around Kintbury and Devizes in southern England, one can cycle along canal towpaths instead of cycling on the road. In the autumn of 2010, we rode along some of these routes to see what they were like and also to get a different perspective of the English countryside.

Beautiful reflections of autumn foliage in the water

Beautiful reflections of early autumn foliage in the water (cycling trail on far left)

Historically, the towpaths used to run up both sides of each canal and provided a place for horses to walk as they towed along the barges and other river vessels. Nowadays, only one pathway tends to be maintained and with the horses long gone, traffic is limited to walkers, runners, fisherfolk, boat owners and cyclists.

Exquisite reflections in the still water

Exquisite reflections in the still water

We had very much enjoyed our rides on the canal towpaths in France and were keen to see what this part of England had to offer. I must confess I found the condition of the trails somewhat disappointing (they were quite muddy and/or narrow in parts).

However, the one thing that was outstanding about these routes was the scenery. The weather over the few days were there was balmy, still and overcast, creating an atmosphere of quiet suspense (which I really enjoy). With no breeze, the water was very still and the reflections just amazing.

Pretty houseboats line the canals

Pretty houseboats line the canals – they are long and narrow to facilitate navigation on the waterway

Cycling in these conditions is when I find myself really living in the present – savouring every moment immediately as it unfolds. It is very relaxing and most enjoyable.

When asked recently what I would consider to be solely “mine” in life – it would have to be these moments when absolutely nothing else invades my space. The photos I have included are examples of the reflections and peaceful surrounds that I enjoyed so much.

Kintbury Lock

Kintbury Lock – beautiful overhanging trees make a sheltered place for the boats to be secured

This post is a response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine. The time I had to myself (immersed in my thoughts) was definitely all mine!

(Follow this link for details on the overall UK tour route).


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