Mystery feature

On our last cyclo-tour of France, we arrived early at our stopover in Narcy, so took advantage of the lovely afternoon  to offload our luggage and to take the bikes for a casual ride.  Luckily we took our cameras, because we unexpectedly came across a feature that was quite fascinating.

The photo below is from this place.

About 600 years old, what is it?

About 600 years old, what do you think it is?

The challenge is for you to guess what this is 🙂

Some information that may help: it is part of a larger structure that was built in the 14th Century and has been owned a by number of people, the last of whom left it to fall into ruin. For those of you who have travelled a  lot and have seen all sorts of things in their wanderings, have you ever come across or photographed such a feature?

(Follow this link for the itinerary and details for our Tour of France)

Post Script:

Not many people had a go at this challenge 😦  but never mind, I had fun and I really do like the photo in this post!

The solution to the challenge and a lot more intriguing photos can be found on the follow up post Mystery feature revealed.


3 responses to “Mystery feature

  1. Reblogged this on Have you ever… and commented:

    A challenge for fun! Does anyone know what the subject of this photo is?

  2. It looks like a well. In Ronda Spain, there are stairs like that descend down a cliff to the river, all inside similar vintage buildings. It also
    brings to mind the more modern spiral stairs used in the architecture of Antonio Gaudi, but perhaps he was inspired by this…whatever it is.

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