A picture tells a funny tale!

Sometimes, all it takes is a photo to bring a funny story to mind. This photo is one of those which never fails to bring a smile to my face!

Those who are familiar with the posties (postmen and postwomen) in the UK will know that they often have red pannier bags on their bicycles. I did not really pay much attention at the time, but they probably also wear high visibility jackets.

We were happily exploring a lovely cobbled area during our last cyclo-tour and I was snapping away with the camera. I had just got KJ to pose with his loaded Trance – against a perfect backdrop of castle ramparts and sunny blue skies when he was approached by two strangers.


KJ looks every bit the knowledgeable postman as he gives directions!

I was puzzled when he started giving directions and pointing back the way we had come, and joined them to find out what was going on.

These lovely folks had mistaken him for a postman and were asking directions! The irony is that they were from New Zealand, which is not far from Australia and we were just as much in the dark about where everything was as they were!

We chatted for a while and when they left us, everyone still laughing about the circumstances of our meeting.

Have you any photos that repeatedly bring back a good memory of something that happened while you were out riding?


I would love to hear what you think....

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