A funny little lane

Our cyclo-tour of France took us some way along the banks of the Loire River which I really enjoyed. We like the wide open spaces of rural areas and had plenty of this sort of countryside to ride through.

The beautiful Loire River. Our route followed the river bank as we approached Orléans.

The beautiful Loire River. Our route followed the river bank as we approached Orléans.

When we did come to large cities (unless we particularly needed something), we would side step them if possible. This avoided issues with the traffic and getting lost! Our paper maps were terrific for going from town to town, but they were dismal when it came to navigating through large cities. We bypassed Orléans by riding along the cycling routes which followed the river. The city was beautiful and I have photos here showing it shrouded in mist.

Once we had traversed the city and crossed an amazing bridge to the southern bank of the Loire, the fog had lifted and the day was pleasant if a little cool.


The amazing and beautiful bridge in Orléans where we crossed the Loire.

Working our way through suburbia, we came across the most amazing little lane. It climbed quite steeply up an incline and at the same time, sloped to a central drainway.
We came upon it quite unexpectedly and it was negotiated with much merriment. KJs chain had came loose at the bottom, and once the problem was fixed, the slope was too steep to get a loaded mountain bike going uphill. The lane was also too narrow to turn around so he was stuck with walking and pushing the bike instead!


This was a sensible idea, but it was quite funny at the time! Sometimes things just become memorable and this odd little lane and the circumstances surrounding KJ having to walk it instead of cycling are one of those times 😆 .

It wasn’t too long after this that we were back in our element – riding along the river, enjoying more the of the fantastic scenery for which this area is justifiably famous.


Follow this link for access to other posts and the itinerary and details of our Tour of France).


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