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Now you see me…..

English: Cycling to Upton A cyclist descends a...

Cycling to Upton A cyclist wearing bright yellow stands out as he descends a hill on the narrow Shenton – Upton road. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I would like to congratulate all the cyclists who find and attire themselves in bright gear designed to stand out on the road, no matter what their more trendy, fashion focussed contemporaries may think or say.

There is no doubt that there is a lot of great clothing gear around for cyclists. But I am amazed at the number of riders who fail to attire themselves in sensible clothing when they are out and about on the roads. By sensible, I mean wearing the most visible garments that they can get when cycling on dark wintry nights. It seems that (where I live, anyway), looking trendy is more important to many cyclists than ‘being seen’.

However, to be fair, the makers of cycling attire seem to be largely oblivious of the need for visibility on the road. I have spent a lot of time searching stores on the internet, and the range of high quality, suitably coloured clothing is, in my view, surprisingly limted. In a time where fluoro colored fabrics are readily available, I am astounded at the lack of imagination exhibited when it comes to designing stunning, but still highly visible cycling jerseys, knicks, arm warmers and leg warmers.  The time has come for cycling clothing manufacturers to take on this challenge!

Whilst my cycling wardrobe includes some ‘less visible’ attire, I am generally happy to be branded as a non-trendy cyclist, because I do try to wear bright yellow as often as I can. For the times when I wear other colours, I have fluoro coloured shoulder bands to try and make my bike and I stand out on the road on dull days. But disappointingly, most of my favourite jerseys and ordinary shirts are not made of nice bright colours.

I recently saw a photo of armwarmers and gloves that were made of fluoro yellow fabric. Unfortunately, they were not made of warm fabric, so were not useful for cold climates. I would also like to see lots more reflective flashes on clothing to make riders stand out at night (eg on the back of gloves). This is particularly important for riders like me who ride all year round and find visibility in winter to be an issue.

I have tried to find suitable stretch fabrics in fluoro colours to make cycling clothes, but I have not found any anywhere. Similarly, I have been unable to find any reflective material to sew onto garments.  If anyone has been more successful or has any suggestions, please share these.

Alternatively, if you have come across, or own good gear that has been designed to make bicycle riders stand out on the road, please leave a comment or URL so that others can share your suggestions.