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Metallic knight

KJ and I  had not long packed our bikes and  left Blois on our Tour de France and we were headed towards Valençay thence to Selles sur Cher for the night.

The bikes were behaving perfectly and we were well into a cycling routine and enjoying what the new cool, but sunny day had on offer. It was a still morning and we were riding silently – each of us contented, relaxed and deeply immersed in our own thoughts as so often happens when we ride.


Suddenly we looked across to see the most unusual sight. We had come across a large house (small chateau?) set in beautifully maintained gardens. But there are many such houses in France, so why did this one startle us so much?

A most unusual garden sculpture - a full sized knight on his horse!

A most unusual garden sculpture – a full sized knight on his horse!

Knight1A full sized knight in full battle dress was mounted on his large trusty steed and riding purposefully across the lawn right outside this imposing residence.

It wasn’t real of course, but had (most impressively) been made from recycled bits and pieces – mostly steel scrap.

We started, then stared and reached for the camera.

Unfortunately, this amazing sculpture was quite a way off and we were reluctant to approach too closely as this took us too close to the house. But what we saw was impressive enough!

In the blog Have you ever …. there is a series on Amazing Mailboxes that I and some of my followers have found in our various travels. This knight was not a mailbox, but if it had been, it would clearly have been king of them all!